Monday 29 May 2017

Beauty and the sphinx

I had photographed Janayah for the clothing website a while ago. She didn't feel completely comfortable in the supplied clothing. And despite us chatting and quickly relaxing some of the pictures were okay for displaying the clothes, but they didn't complement Janayah. We agreed to a second shoot for her. In clothes she was happy with. A prom dress, a business style dress were two items she mentioned.

Now to find a location.

I approached a location that would have been perfect. But they counted my enquiry as a professional shoot and asked a fee to match.

So I needed to be a bit creative. Crystal Palace park is local to us both. And the sports centre would provide a place to change. 

Crystal Palace park use to have what must have been an amazing building. Originally built to house the Great Exhibition of 1851 in Hyde Park. When that closed the building was moved to Penge Park in 1854. Then in 1936 a fire destroyed the building.

Today all that remains are the terraces and staircases. And some sphinx. 

I knew they would be a varied background and prop.

Walking out of the sports centre with Janayah dressed in a bright red prom dress; she certainly drew some glances from the predominantly tracksuit wearing passersby.

A more business like dress was next. And a longer walk to sphinx.

Janayah had relaxed further and the shoot become more of a collaboration. Her ideas contributing to a successful couple of hours.

Finally a brightly coloured one piece outfit was chosen. Dark foliage with a speedlight lit Janayah did it justice.

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