Sunday, 3 June 2018

Another glorious cycling weekend

poppies field of poppy

poppies field of poppy

Another weekend of sunshine. It's brilliant to be out on the bikes with blue skies above us and a warm breeze to help us along. The pictures at the top of the post is a field we cycle past most weekends. For the last couple the poppies have been incredible. I think this weekend they have been at their most vivid. I'm not sure how much longer they will be so impressive. I do know I cant do the view justice.

Today we decided to visit a village we haven't been to for many years. I guess we don't get there very often because of a hill that is signposted as 14%. Apart from a brief section on the busy A22 the route is a good one. The steep hill on the way back wasn't that bad either. We had our tea and cereal bars in a church yard never previously visited as well, St Peter's Church, Tandridge. A peaceful place to stop, chat and take a break, must be why we regularly visit church yards.

St Peter's Church, Tandridge
St Peter's Church, Tandridge
It was a ride that gave me the chance to use my GoPro camera for more than recording bad driving. We had close encounters with a deer, a squirrel and a rabbit.

The deer needs to learn the green cross code.

Not sure if the squirrel was racing me or just desperately looking for a way off the road.

Matt startles a rabbit.

To top off a great weekend I had a brilliant photoshoot at a new location (Waverley Abbey) with a model I hadn't worked with before.

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