Saturday, 5 May 2018

Early summer sun with Rosie

I had originally planned a second shoot with Rosie for last Monday to coincide with me having the D810, but the weather was horrid, it rained heavily all day.

We were promised better for Friday, and we weren't disappointed.

Rosie once again was well prepared and the chosen area for the shoot was tidy and ready. But in the end the veranda didn't hold our interest for very long. The rest of the location was just too good.

on the veranda using a softbox flowery dress
Softbox camera left

veranda mirror reflection
veranda reflection in the mirror
The next area we went to was the cherry tree, in full blossom. It would certainly been a shame to miss it.

Rosie looks great, relaxed and serene. Pull back on the zoom and she is actually perched on a ladder.
You would never guess from the two pictures above.
behind the scene rosie up a ladder, slippers on
Behind the scene Rosie up a ladder, slippers on
Then finally a walk through the woods. This was the most challenging area. Dappled light meant I had to keep an eye out for blown highlights and the leaves caused an incredibly vivid green light. It was very hard to get ride of. What do you think of my efforts?

portrait in the trees

portrait in the trees white dress

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