Saturday, 5 May 2018

long weekend cycling

After the last week it was good to wake up to the sun on a weekend. Matt is globe trotting so I'm on my own for all three days.

It gave me a chance to put a few miles on the road bike. And to tackle a couple of local hills. I have mentioned before White Hill Lane, it is a very steep, long hill that gets steeper the further along it you go. There is shorter hill, Waller Lane that comes up from the valley, it's not open to general traffic, their route is Church Road. The lane is used for the Waller Pain time trial every year. In previous years I have seen the reminder too late to attend, but not this time. It use to be used by the Catford CC for the Catford Hill Climb back in the 1890’s, they have now moved on to other challenges. The last few years it has been run by the Caterham Round Table as part of the Caterham Festival.

I have walked up it a few times so I thought I'd try it on the bike. It is hard, especially the lower section, there is a flatter part that I mistook for the top. On race day I planned to stand up and really give it everything to the finish. It was then that I was glad of this test ride. The flatter section turns a bend and climbs again. I wouldn't have had the energy needed for that final section had I gone all in so early. I'll wait a little longer on the day. Strava has the fastest time as just over a minute, the last few years have had winning times around 1 minute 17 seconds. I'll aim for a time that starts with a one.

I'm glad to be out, it feels so good when it's warm. I stopped to take a drink and snap the scene.

cycling flowers leaned against the wall

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  1. Can't believe the weather was so good when I couldn't make it! Typical.It was hot in Philadelphia too, but I didn't get much time for cycling, did a lot of walking around the city and managed to eat well (not badly in other words). Anyway, jet lag sorted, I'm back in the saddle, well, I will be this weekend. Looking forward to it. Westerham should be on the cards, but let's see how things go. I did my - - - -ing back in while in the USA, but it's fine (ish). We'll see. See you Sunday.

  2. I read your blogs about the trip. Fingers crossed that the weather stays good now. Getting use to cycling in shorts and t-shirt.