Saturday 16 April 2016

Now for something a little different.

My other passion is cycling. I have cycled to Paris. Two friends and myself did this in 2011. Totally unassisted. We organised the accommodation, ferry crossing, and the Euro tunnel for the return trip. We even carried our luggage The route was online but we still had to improvise in places. It was brilliant. I was very glad I did it. There was a great sense of achievement as we rounded the last corner to see the Eiffel Tower in front of us just across the river.

The next year we cycled the South Downs Way. A whole different challenge. A much shorter distance, but so much harder, and muddier. But again a great achievement.

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Head shots anyone

A friend of mine, had a change of career. He took his amateur dramatics to full time actor. It's going very well. I hope my pictures helped.

I was asked to produce some company head shots for their website. I realised from it that this type of shoot needed to be quick, so as not to inconvenience the participants. And to produce consistently framed and lit shots.

Another side to my photography

I want to expand into family photography. I have completed a few shoots.

This picture is from one my first shoot. They produced a calendar for the grand parents with the pictures we produced.

Feedback would be great and always appreciated.

First post

I have really started to push my photography over the last year. I have photographed a few models. They helped me experiment with different locations, lighting setups and styles. I'll be posting pictures of the other model shoots I have done. They have all been great to work with. So please come back to this blog.

This is one of my favourites.

Here is a link to my photography site.