Saturday 12 January 2019

Modern luddites

mud on kona bike at the bus stop

A short ride to the bus stop today, the long way as usual.

The topics up for discussion vary each week, we briefly discuss current events, but quickly tire of it.

Much better to not mention brexit etc.

I said to Matt it was amusing how the modern generation is addicted to tech. But every time something new is released they are the first to share all the conspiracy theories about health concerns. The new smart meters for instance. There are a lot of "reports" that they emit high levels of radiation and cause cancer etc. A little research shows that they are no different to mobile phones or the wifi routers we all have. In fact they are safer than mobile phones. You don't hold a smart meter to your head for long periods; do you? And there isn't any proof that mobile phones etc are especially dangerous. And even if they were the people sharing these posts on FB wouldn't give up their phones or wifi would they?

More generally the amount of propaganda, biased posts, or total fabrication that gets shared is depressing.  Are people so gullible? Or is it that any opinion can be supported by a quick internet search? Once you find something that proves your view is correct, you share it. Never mind that it might be wrong and anyone reading it wont do any research of their own. Unless they don't agree, but the search will only last long enough to find something that supports them. And it is unlikely anyone will change their mind.

I have said it before, the internet has given most people the ability to broaden their minds, to communicate with the world. But what has happened? People have become more closed minded and less inclined to listen. I would much rather talk face to face than online. You achieve more and it's not all about egos.

Now to explain the pic at the top of the post. I want a picture from every ride I do in 2019, but because new destinations are a bit thin on the ground. I'll have to be more creative.
The pic is a close up of my bike and the mud that is a permanent feature. I believe it's what the bike should look like.

Matt on the other hand disagrees.
Matt's clean bike
pic by Matt

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