Sunday 27 December 2020


When do you have enough?

I watched a documentary on Netflix: Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.

It struck a chord with me. 

Society is going in a different direction, it's all about displaying success and wealth. Attempting to buy contentment, and satisfaction.

The message made sense; we are driven to want more. What was once a great survival instinct is exploited to convince us we can only be happy if we fill our lives with possessions; we can only measure our success by wealth. I much prefer to base my opinion on deeds and friendships.

Advertising has always tried to sell aspirations. Social media increased the pressure, targeting consumers with ever more personal messages about mostly fantasy lifestyles.

To me the pinnacle of this is the adulation by Apple stores when a new product is released. The threat of having a crowd of staff clapping as I make a purchase would put me off entering the store. I just find it and crowds fighting for bargains saddening to watch.

I'm not saying don't buy anything. Just that I think about why; does it add value or solve a problem? Is the new version so much better than what you have?

I try not to be sentimental, I don't hold onto anything I don't need. 

Regular readers will know I have two hobbies; cycling and photography. I have spent money on both, I like to think wisely. I see the latest bike or camera and contemplate buying them, but only briefly. I have what I need, I can achieve the goals I set.

I don't want to feel like I'm working to buy a life.

What I buy has to improve my life, and not by just being in my possession.