Saturday 1 April 2017

Location scouting

Two residents of the farm

I have had one shoot for the online fashion retailer and I have started to discuss other locations for more shoots.
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There are two types of shot we need. Number one is to show the clothes at their best, with and without a model. We'll need a plain area, white background, and slightly higher ceilings. It doesn't always have to be studio. I doubt it will be convenient for me be involved every time a new picture is needed. I'll talk to them about how they could improve the day to day pictures they use.

The second is more location based like the one a couple of weeks back. They are the type I like to most. With spring on the way I'll be looking for a park with early flowers blooming.

A friend of mine has moved to a farm. Although the only animals are horses. I thought it would be a great place to base a photoshoot. There is one planned at the end of the month. The mixture of open pasture, trees and shrubs and the stable block will give plenty of scope.

I took some pictures while I was there. David is very comfortable in front of the camera, so I included him in the shoot.

And the horses.

It wasn't just stables though. An old freight container had to be investigated.

I have used a park with gym machines and a tennis court. This will be a great place for sports clothing.

I have a shoot in London along the Thames tomorrow. I know the area quite well and street view comes in very handy for planning where we need to go.
Check back to see and read how that goes.

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