Sunday 16 October 2022

Controversial mushrooms

boiled mushrooms five beans

Before you get the wrong idea I don't mean psychedelic. I've been eating roasted mushrooms for a while, but it was never really enjoyable. The texture was a little "wet" and not incredibly appetising or tasty.

Then I came across a new way; boiling. Apparently this method has detractors. For me it's a game changer, it elevates the humble fungus. I've tried it with three kinds and it has improved them all. 

I add enough salted water to cover them and keep going until the water evaporates. Then fry for a couple of minutes with a small amount of oil and garlic, maybe with black pepper and chilli paste. 

The dish above is a five bean chilli. The mushrooms in place of meat was perfect. I even had some left for my Sunday dinner.

mushrooms instead of roast beef
mushrooms instead of roast beef

A few Sundays ago I had a "roast", although only the potatoes were cooked that way. 

Another piece of advice while I'm here - I no longer boil water on the gas hob. It's very inefficient to heat water in this way. I use a kettle and then continue with the burner. It's quicker and cheaper. 

The microwave is also a much more cost effective way to heat food.