Tuesday 26 June 2018

Caterham Photography Society studio shoot

model sofa studio

Since the group was first created the membership has risen. And some had shown interest in a studio shoot. They wanted to see what it was like, and to experiment with lights and working with a model. So I arranged it and last weekend we met at 69 Drops Studio in London for an afternoon session.

I had worked with Marilyn, our model, before on location and in a studio; it was good to catch up and introduce her to the group.

The plan was for an informal afternoon to allow everyone to chat about what they had done before, what they wanted from today and for everyone to relax and bounce ideas off each other. So not really a traditional workshop, no waiting in line to take the same shot as everyone else. I liked this format, and the initial feedback confirmed so did Karen and Cliff, with some suggestions to improve the next one.

I think we achieved our goal of gaining experience and confidence. As far as another one goes, it could be a shoot on location. I find outside of a studio can be more spontaneous, and creative. Bad weather and people stopping to watch may put people off though. Or if there more participants we could hire a bigger studio with more areas to shoot in. 

Here are some of my favourites.

model studio sofa

model chair studio

model standing pink dress

model studio pink

model studio pink sunglasses

model studio green dress

model studio print dress

Here are some behind the screen shots.

BTS studio model group shoot
Focused and reviewing the shoot

BTS studio model group shoot
the right angle.

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