Saturday 28 July 2018

More great weather.

parched field sheep while cycling
parched field while cycling

I can't remember when we last had a summer like this.  The weather report is saying we are due some rain. I know the garden needs it and the water companies are running ads on the radio asking people to conserve water. But no hosepipe ban yet, I don't think it's far off though.

The rain arrived yesterday, and it was torrential. Fortunately it only happened when I was travelling on public transport. As I neared my bus stop the rain abated long enough for me to get home dry.

It rained during the night and until ten minutes before I was due to cycle to meet Matt.

parched grass and a wet bench while cycling
parched grass and a wet bench while cycling, little evidence of the rain.
The ride was great, fresher than recent days, with little evidence of the heavy downpour. Which made for a pleasant seventeen miles.

We only went to the bus stop, a lack of time and the certainty of a dry seat made it a good choice. Normal chat was about this and that. Old Top Gear was a topic; and how it went downhill during the last couple of series before the Clarkson debacle. I like Matt LeBlanc in the new setup, but he is leaving so that might be it for me watching it. Matt isn't so keen on Matt.

We discussed the merits of pitching a series hosted by us about our cycling. I'm not sure it would be commissioned. The outline would be us two cycling to a destination, drinking tea and eating biscuits. Talking about not much, and laughing at stuff I doubt anyone else would find funny.

The meeting with the TV exec could go like this.

Where would you cycle too? A few places within twenty miles of our homes.

Interesting places? Two bus stops, a churchyard, Westerham or Godstone Green and a lake near a pub.

Would you talk about cycling news? Sporting events, new tech and cycling celebrities etc. Nope, don't really follow or know much about that.

How about nutrition, sports drinks and gels etc? Nope we just drink the tea we brought with us and eat cereal bars. Occasionally we'll go to a cafe and eat cake and sausages sandwiches. If on a longer ride it's hot we'll stop to buy an ice cream.

So what do you do? Not much now we come to think about it. But it keeps us happy.

Back to our normal concerns then.

The weather is predicted to be wetter tomorrow, hopefully it wont interrupt our cycling.

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