Monday 20 March 2017

Fashion shoot

The lanes around Polesden Lacey was the chosen location. It was a good one for my first collaboration with the Caroline, a fashion retailer. It is close to everyone involved. And gave us the opportunity to discuss future projects.

Caroline arrived with Louisa. She had modelled before but not for some time. They had discussed the outfits on the way to meet me. So once we chose a place to start, we didn't waste any time. The dark background of trees and bushes really helped the clothes to stand out. I am sure Caroline and Louisa will be as pleased with the pictures as I am.

The clothes Caroline had brought were summer themed and light. Unfortunately the weather was definitely not summer themed. It was cold and very windy. We had to find a sheltered area, not only to keep the dresses and hair from being blown all over the place, but also so that Louisa didn't freeze to death.

She took it all in her stride. Quickly moving from one outfit to the next. And following direction from Caroline and myself. No complaints, just a great attitude throughout. It was only towards the end that Louisa started to look cold. And I can't blame her. By then we had been interrupted by so many dog walkers, families and horses. It would have been enough to put most people off. I have never shot in such a busy location.

Here are a selection of the pictures we produced.

A great smile and warm personality, even on a cold and windy day.

That great smile again.

I have another shoot in London next month for Caroline. Looking forward to it already.

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