Saturday 10 November 2018


The weather forecast for the weekend wasn't good, and as it drew nearer it looked more and more likely to be a washout.

Then the dreaded abort text from Matt. We don't normally leave our houses if it's raining, being on my own made it a certainty. As I went to sleep the rain was lashing down and the wind was blowing.

I woke up to still air and blue skies. So it was an easy decision to go for a ride. Last weekend Matt and I had thought about Godstone, that's where I headed. Being on my own I knew there would be no stop for tea and cereal bars so I took a longer route than normal, including an extra hil; The Enterdent. The recent wind and rain had dislodged plenty of leaves, it looked nice but made for very slippery conditions. 

High speed descents were out, especially if it included a bend. I stayed out towards the middle of my lane for this reason and also the big puddles could be concealing potholes. It meant other traffic had to think more about their overtaking, but that's never a bad thing.

On the way home I came across some joggers, they ran in a group spread across the road. As I approached they parted and I cycled between them. I guess they have a similar problem to me, drivers giving them little room unless they take control of the road.

As a way to keep fit I prefer cycling; jogging just seems harder work. I think it is classed as a high impact activity. I did run a 10k race many years ago, it was okay, but I wouldn't do it again. When I signed up for it I knew my general fitness would get me through but I'd still need to practise. I didn't do much, I just didn't like it. The run went okay, completed in just over fifty minutes. 

Cycling means I can travel further, and have a rest on the downhill bits. It's definitely for me.

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