Saturday 19 January 2019

Bullbeggars Lane

bullbeggars lane godstone

A solo ride today, so I took the Kona past Godstone, round the Enterdent loop and back. I noticed a lane as I left Godstone, and followed it back to the church. It's called Bullbeggars Lane. I can't find out why it has that name. I did discover that when the plague decimated the area the dead were buried in two pits either side of the lane; one for men, one for women. If you know more, please leave a comment bellow.

It wasn't as cold as the forecast said it would be, so I had too many layers on, but it did mean that when I stopped to take pictures I didn't feel the windchill from the chilly breeze.

I was on the mountain bike so went off road for part of the ride. I can't keep the bike too clean for long. I probably have another visit to the jetwash in my future.

Marden Park

I cycled through Marden Park to Gangers Hill then on to Godstone.

The main reason to go cycling is chatting, and tea; without it I arrived home sooner that usual. It will be the two of us tomorrow so the question will be a cafe or not. My vote is for a cafe.

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