Saturday 30 March 2019

Signs of spring

bikes leant against a gate CCTV

Just back from a cycle and it was great. Warm, sunny and very pleasant. I could say the normal signs of spring were everywhere, daffodils etc. But for me there are other harbingers.

The legs come out, after a long search for the shorts.

bikes leant against a gate CCTV shorts

Don't worry this post won't get geeky; my camera doesn't need such a high ISO.

ISO for film was used to show how much light a particular film needed. The higher the number the less light it needed. The trade-off was the picture became grainy at higher ISO's. Digital camera sensors don't work in the same way though. The ISO rating was retained to give an indication and allow some comparison of how a camera deals with light. The higher the ISO the more amplification the camera applies to the picture. This can result in noise and a lose in quality.

And finally it's time to cut the grass. If I do it regularly it doesn't take too long. The rest of the gardening is less of a priority; the garden tends to have to look after itself. Survival of the fittest.

larn mower

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