Wednesday 1 November 2017

Team photoshoot

Alison checking the details

Up until now my shoots have been just the subject of the shoot, occasionally a studio, and me.

So they have been fairly easy to organise. It wasn't too difficult to get all the elements together. Pencil in a date with the subject of the shoot. And if it was a studio shoot, book it. Apart from checking a couple of days before that was it.

This time it involved the MUA; my niece Allison, Janayah the model and me. The location was Battersea Park. I had shot there before. So only the weather could cause a problem.

What made it a little more complicated was having three people involved. This meant plenty of texts confirming and reconfirming and chats about what to bring, who was responsible for what. I need to do more shoots like this, involve a team.

The main point was to give Alison a blogpost: what is was like to plan a shoot, style it and complete all of the creative tasks to deliver the planned look.

For Janayah: she would get more pictures and experience of working with an MUA.

And for me: working with a bigger team. Even if it was only one more person. It was good have a more focused goal for the shoot; to highlight and show off Alison's work. Choosing the best light, angle and pose.

The weather was the first potential issue. It was raining in the morning. After calling each other and checking BBC weather we decided it was going to clear up in time. So it was still a go on the shoot.

When we all met up in the park, the weather was great. A little overcast and not too windy.

There was a great vibe on the shoot straight away.

The results are brilliant. Janayah is such a nice person and a relaxed model. Alison is great to be around and did beautiful work. I hope we can all work together again.

Alison making sure everything was just right.

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