Friday 23 February 2018

Pirelli calendar

I recently watched some "making of" Pirelli calendar videos.

It takes a big team and a lot of planning and equipment, considering it was only one sitter at a time.

The chosen photographer seems to have the most input into the style.

The first year I watched was 2016, with Annie Leibovitz. I have written about celebrity photographers before. And for me, Annie falls into this category. She seems as famous as her subjects.

The idea for the project was a good one, but to me the results weren't. There didn't seem to be much interaction or connection between photographer and subject. Not my style. They were just as I had expected from a celebrity photographer. Black and white; most of the subjects were facing straight on to the camera, with dead expressions and lifeless eyes. One exception was Serena Williams, she was topless with her back to the camera. It still didn't engage me. One picture I liked was of Mellody Hobson. Unfortunately even this one, like the rest, was weirdly cropped and a little bland. I don't think any of them really made me think successful, confident women. Maybe I'm not the target demographic.

In 2017 the photographer was Peter Lindbergh. What a contrast. Peter talked much more to the sitters and engaged with them. It seemed more relaxed, but no less professional. The pictures were similar, but more interesting. There was life to them, they were more dynamic.

The experience appeared friendlier. I felt the picture were more about the women.

As I said in my previous celebrity photographers post, "for me it's about a connection to the subject"

Am I wrong?

Sometimes it seems having the right photographer involved is as, or is more important than the picture.

This art isn’t for me, I don’t get it.

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