Sunday 12 June 2022

Waller Pain - year three

waller lane hill climb

The last time I rode this hill climb was in 2019. I wish it had happened last year. I was in the best shape I'd ever been.

Here is a link to the posts.

And this year; well I'm sure you know how I started 2022. Link.

It's for a good cause and would be a test for me. I've been riding with Oxted CC and Matt for a while, as well as on the trainer. I hoped to be fitter and stronger than I was in 2019, I'm certainly lighter.

For the first time Oxted CC had a few riders, so I wasn't alone; quite a few supporters too.

I didn't know how to approach it this time. I was still getting over a cold, and I'm not as fit and strong as I was. So no standing up, I wanted to keep my heart rate in check. But still put as much as I could into the attempt.

The rider behind me made up the minute gap quickly and went passed me like I was standing still. 

I did beat my last time so that was good. I did it in 2:38:08.

waller lane hill climb smiling
smiling at the beginning

waller lane hill climb gets a bit tougher
gets a bit tougher

waller lane hill climb near the top
the end is in sight