Saturday 25 June 2016

How do I keep my photography fresh?

I see a consistency to my pictures, but I want to have as much experience of different situations and environments as possible. So I try different styles and locations. Each bring their own challenges. My other posts have documented my progress. Look for the links on the right hand side of this blog. I don't often have people to photograph, but as you may have read before. I do cycle nearly every weekend and try to produce a pictorial log.

I typically ride to one of half a dozen destinations. The struggle for me is taking an interesting, new picture of a place I may have been to many many times before.

I find the differing amount and quality of light available throughout the year and the changeable weather adds some much needed variety.

I ride early in the morning. So I get a lot of sunrises. It can make for some dramatic sky's.

A church I cycle to regularly was being refurbished. It presented a great opportunity for something different. A bit of an urban feel, to a country church location. And a rare selfie.

The early morning light can be very beautiful.

My favourite image. A subway in black and white.

And then there is the weather.

And finally the famous people I visit.

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