Sunday 4 December 2022

A week on the trainer

restorative coffee

For over a year I have ridden the trainer in the garage after work. No more mixing with impatient commuters for me.

The trouble is I become stir crazy by the time I've completed the Friday night session. Saturday with the Oxted CC is eagerly anticipated. But this weekend I was busy first thing. I got home at midday; go out or not? By the time shopping and lunch had been completed it was starting to get late, and my thoughts turned to not being out after dark. So it was a forty minute stationary trip. A bit of a break to write some words here and then back out at five for my normal ten miles.

Sunday morning is usually a visit to Westerham for coffee with Matt. Overnight was very cold, down to around two degrees. It was not going to be much warmer with the rising of the sun, so I suggested we should meet in Tatsfield at 09:30. Running very late meant I took the road bike so only arrived shortly after the arranged time. The eight miles being covered in thirty minutes.

Matt had just ordered his tea and cake, it didn't take very long for my coffee to be brewed. Our usual chat about this at that ensued. I felt so relaxed, it had to have been being outside, on my bike. I love riding the mountain bike: it soaks up the ruts of poorly maintained roads, the disk brakes are dependable and the thicker tyres are a little less puncture prone. But the road bike is so much more responsive and fun to ride. In the dry the brakes are less of a disadvantage as well. 

Whilst riding I often imagine myself in a job where I'm paid to be out on my bike, or to write blogs and articles.  Maybe Rapha, Le Col etc will read this and call me; fingers crossed.

Until they do I'll produce content for the pleasure of it.