Sunday 20 February 2022

Not going out

When I started to write this storm Eunice was in full force across the UK. The trees in adjacent gardens were swaying considerably more than I thought they could endure. A few of their fences were down. I knew I wouldn't be out on the bike on Saturday unless it calmed down. That night's session would be in the garage on the trainer. I haven't been out after work since December. I tried to get out in the dark, but it was draining my motivation. It wasn't the cold or wet; I rode most of the previous winters. The reasons I didn't this time round were feeling rushed, and drivers.

Let me explain.

I finish work, cook and eat dinner, then go out. Which means I get back after eight. It's only a short time before we prepare for bedtime. As it gets colder and wetter the layers increase so it takes longer to get sorted. 

I use to go out before eating, but that's rush hour. Around here and I guess most places that means impatient drivers. It was getting too stressful, made worse by the dark. Later in the evening isn't much quieter.

It's also cheaper; running two bikes means a lot more maintenance. The stationary bike just wears out the rear tyre. I can swap it for the front to extend the time before a new one is needed.

I don't know if I'll be riding outside after work when the light returns to the evenings. It doesn't feel worth it. I don't have the hills, but there are no downhill bits either. I'm sure the constant resistance is keeping my fitness levels up. It feels like I'm constantly climbing a gradient. 

And did I mention impatient drivers?

Saturday morning was bright, clear and completely calm, but cold. I could have gone out; instead I went shopping and tackled some jobs around the house. Spending an hour in the garage seemed a good compromise. I did it again in the afternoon as the rain lashed down and the wind roared once more.

On Sunday the wind was back, but much more subdued than Friday. It was therefore safe to head for Westerham, and a coffee with Matt. In fact I overdressed and was boiling hot on arrival, and because the journey home was into a headwind I arrived back at the garage soaked in sweat.