Monday 27 January 2020

Music, it doesn't sound like it use to

status quo whitesnake rainbow

I have been listening to music transferred to digital from vinyl.

And it struck me that it sounded different, more raw. Maybe because it was originally on vinyl. I can't put my finger on it, today's music seems more clinical. I'm not an audiophile claiming vinyl is best, or that old tech can't be beaten. I don't have the space for a sound system like I use to. It's all on the computer or iPhone. I wish I had had the time to record all my records to digital.

My record collection is now lost to me. I could buy them in digital form. Or subscribe to a streaming service. If I collected a new album or downloaded part of my old collection every month, the subscription would kind of pay for itself. The problem would be that I am renting the music, if I end the subscription I lose access to it. Maybe it's my age, I need to change the way I access music.

I had the volume up, I don't often get to do that. And it was through speakers, not headphones. It took me back to seeing live music, often at the Hammersmith Odeon. Always rock, from heavy; Rainbow, Deep Purple to lighter; Status Quo, Foreigner etc. Before you write off Status Quo, listen to their early work; up to 1981. After that it went down hill.

For me; part of the listening experience is feeling the music. You can't get that unless you fill the room with sound. The better the amp and speakers, the greater the feeling. Unfortunately for my neighbours it also needs volume.

In the early days of CD's, the music sounded flat because they just re-recorded the mixes they had for vinyl. I wonder if going straight to digital has a similar effect, or is it just the way I listen now; the quality of the output device?

As a photographer, the album artwork interests me. Today though most is just the artist or group. I guess if you are primarily going to release you music online, why bother with creative imagery. The big format of vinyl meant it mattered more.

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