Sunday 5 April 2020

Weekly review


The weekend of week two and I am adjusting to being at home.

Marcia has been attending the facebook sessions run by the Ryan MS therapy centre she would normally visit once a week. It's a brilliant addition to our day, it gives us some structure. We get up, have breakfast, Marcia does her physio, we have lunch, then I go cycling.

In other news: I'm riding about twenty miles a day, mostly on the road bike. The upgraded wheels and brakes are a big improvement, but the saddle is another story. I think the problem is that the side sections slope down too quickly and the centre section hasn't got much of a dip. It puts pressure on the wrong parts!!

Fizik Arione K:IUM Snake Versus
239g instead of 400g
The new saddle, after one ride, is a big improvement. There is less padding, but it is still much more comfortable. It also saves a little weight, there I go again; sounding a bit serious.

bike bag under seat

I have a new cycle bag, it attaches under the saddle. It's fiddly to fit, and slightly smaller than the previous one. With camera packed inside, the spare inner tube has a new home; can you spot it? My pedaling isn't impeded, and no more sweaty back.

Saturday with the new saddle.

Fizik Arione K:IUM Snake Versus first ride

The Sunday ride included a couple of firsts: a new route, almost completely off road, and facetime chat between Matt and I. The mountain bike had an outing, I had a rough idea for a route. A little off road section led to a path I hadn't noticed before. Nothing extreme, I don't want to risk a fall. It was really good to get away from the deteriorating quality of driving on the roads. While taking the second picture Matt called, we had managed to synchronise our rides. He was drinking tea at the church yard. The video chat meant I could show him the view. I guess we could try to do the same again, a distance of around ten miles made our meetup safe and within the rules.

muddy tunnel entrance
Trust me to find a bit of mud. It was deeper than I anticipated.
avenue of trees bridleway
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