Sunday 4 June 2023

Step off the treadmill

I've written about cycling clothing, food and accessories. And questioned value for money. An irritation is the way brands and manufacturers inflate prices by building a heightened sense anticipation. 

Think about the unboxing experience; layers of packaging and worse: excessive plastic. It seems that the more expensive the product the more involved the experience has to be. I just want to receive the item undamaged with the least amount of landfill.

Apple are a prime example with their tech, I'm sure others as much at fault. 

I've started to base buying decisions on this. 

Just one item from Le Col uses a bigger than necessary, shiny cardboard box, with plastic wrapping. Both difficult to recycle. Q36.5 on the other hand delivered using minimal extra material. 

It's not just the overuse of packing material; we are constantly bombarded with adverts for new versions of items we already own. Mostly with either more options we'll never use or improvements we won't notice or appreciate. 

We are told what was previously perfect for our needs is now no longer able to deliver. It's wasteful of resources, has the potential to cause financial problems and contributes to increased pollution. 

Sitting in Westerham this morning with Matt, he mentioned how hotels do the same. And that he also didn't like it. He just needed a room, a shower and a comfy bed. Not extra cushions, a huge television and a chocolate on the pillow. They are all used to give the impression of luxury to justify an inflated charge. 

It goes further; the word staycation is now used to differentiate and devalue local holidays. The inference is that a destination needs to be distant to be a good holiday. With of course the best travel solution being to fly. Huge tax advantages are given to the aviation industry which means it's often the cheapest conveyance method. And that is not right given how environmentally damaging it is. Travel abroad, but think of other ways to do it; or stay closer to home.

Rather than lowering our impact we are driving it up when we succumb to these massages.

As consumers we can make a positive difference. Step off the treadmill.