Sunday 20 January 2019

Not quite lights out

rear light at the bus stop

Matt is back, so it was the long way to the bus stop. He had been to Rome and it was time to chat about the trip. His blog posts had prepared my, he's not into tourist activities. He did see some of the sites of Rome, but was more interested in finding interesting places to eat. I know what he means. There is a lot of history but at such a busy place you are always moving. Throngs of people all josseling to take pictures, selfies mostly. It seems they are more interested in ticking the place of a list than really appreciating where they are. As a photographer I notice that most of the time they don't even stop walking, just point the camera and click. I like to compose the shot, try to get a picture that is a little different. What's the point taking the same picture as everyone else?

When I visit a place the cafe is where I gravitate to because, like Matt, I prefer to relax. The outside area is also the best part. A wander around the grounds allows time to chill out. And it's normally much less crowded than the big house or castle. We're both not really interested in who slept where a long time ago.

Back to the cycling; it was much colder than yesterday. My toes and fingers were soon painful, but on the bright side it's getting lighter in the mornings. I still need to turn the lights on as I leave the house, but unless it's foggy, they don't stay on for the whole ride.

The forecast is for snow this week. I hope it doesn't happen. It's fun for about five minutes and then really unpleasant. And there is the day to day stuff. Public transport grinds to a halt, the roads quickly become blocked, and panic buying sets in. Snow rarely stays for more than a day or two, but everyone strips the shelves of bread and milk etc. It saddens me how much must be thrown away because it isn't used before it goes off.

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