Friday 31 December 2021

Doubled up in the studio


studio photoshoot

First studio shoot since August 2020.

We spoke a few weeks ago about getting together for a photoshoot. It was good to explore a few themes. Saskia had outfits prepared and poses in mind, as always we quickly found out rhythm.

This session had a twist; James, a friend of Saskia's came along.

male studio shoot

He wanted to experience a shoot, and brought some great ideas. The main one was monochrome, simple poses and contrast.

Saskia was interested in bright and colourful, although I couldn't resist one with the colour removed.

black and white monochrome

I haven't photographed many male models, no particular reason except there a less of them. And I must admit I find it harder to pose them. The standard images are very macho inspired, I try to portray inner strength and confidence in my pictures. 

James definitely brought this mindset. Saskia knows what she wants to achieve. For me translating their ideas into pictures; adjusting lighting, making suggestions about angles and poses is something I very much enjoy.

A description delivered.

Moving lights and position made a big difference to how dark the background appeared. In reality it was much more vibrant when lit more directly.

Another simple shot; showing vulnerability, and confidence.

Once we had the wind machine setup and some wild hair under control we kept firing away to capture movement.

wind machine movement

We start off a set with an idea and move around, the smallest change can have a big impact.

I am incredibly pleased with how it worked out. As I write this I haven't completed editing, so await feedback. I hope they like the results as much as I do.