Friday 15 July 2022

More thoughts about long distance rides

must eat more 
After Cornwall I still had a week off work; which helped me recover, but didn't help me get back to my routine.

A typical weekday is breakfast, work, dinner, an hour on the trainer, television and bed. With six sessions of twenty press-ups spread thoughout.

Weekends are a ride with Oxted CC on Saturday, typically around 60 to 70 miles. Then shopping, a bit more television, dinner then bed. Less press-ups and maybe some gardening: cutting the grass and hacking back the shrubbery. Sunday has a coffee ride to meet Matt then house work.

It was hard to restart riding the trainer and complete the press-up target.

I had lost weight. A long day on the bike tends to mean a calorie deficit at the end. My appetite declines as the day goes on. So I have to eat even if I don't feel like it. And the meals need to be bigger too. It wasn't a problem in the past because I'd never ridden so far, day after day. 

It's taken until this week to get back on track for exercise and to put on weight.

I watched videos and read books to prepare myself.

They do mention eating, but mostly as a side concern. I hadn't appreciated how much I'd be affected. 

Another lesson learnt. 

I've decided to ride shorter days on long journeys, so that should give me more time to eat.