Sunday 25 April 2021

The reward is worth the effort.

Bolney Wine Estate

I've got a confession to make: I sometimes struggle with motivation to ride after work. During the day I waver between looking forward to it, and thinking about not bothering.

Hot chocolate Bolney Wine Estate

This week especially was difficult, especially Monday. The office in London has been semi open for a while, only being used if computer setups etc were required. With one or two people in at a time. The easing of lockdown meant we had the option to occasionally work from the office, still only a few people. at the same time. I choose to go in and I was surprised how deserted London is. Almost empty train carriages, barely anyone in Victoria station, or along my walking route to Neal Street. I left early but still got home after I would have normally switched off my computer. I had convinced myself to take the night off. After dinner I sat looking at the clock, was it too late to go? Eventually I couldn't resist and was on the bike a short time later. It felt great, as it always does. I had been lacking energy, the feeling was gone.

weekday riding

The rest of the week I reminded myself of that change. These rides also improve my fitness. 

weekday riding

So when the weekend comes I can go further and really enjoy it

Saturday was with my club, another new eating place - Bolney Wine Estate - and 67 miles. It started chilly, but ended under a warm sun and blue skies. Still only a few in the group, but a good chance to chat.

Sunday I was in Westerham again with Matt on our bench. A strong headwind meant it was extra work and chillier than Saturday. The green was sheltered so once the clouds blew away it was a pleasant place to be. Life is good.

The strangest part is the feelgood factor when I get home. I have exerted myself, plenty of hills to climb, but I have so much more energy, so much more motivation, and an uplifted mood. I'm risking being too evangelistic again, I can't help it. 

Cycling makes me feel that way.