Sunday 5 July 2020

One route in pictures

Brockham church and my bike

I have ridden this for a while, it's a good mix of flat and hilly lanes. The only busy bits are through Redhill and Reigate. I don't ride through the center of either town so it's not too bad. The rest is country lanes, normally fairly quiet.

I included a picture of the Royal Oak public house in last weeks post. Here is the church at Brockham.

Christ church Brockham
Christ Church Brockham
Picture taken on Tuesday as I sheltered from the rain under the covered gate. The church was renovated some time ago, and the entrance moved to provide a view of the green.

Or, a view across the green to the two pubs. You can just see the Royal Oak on the left and the Inn on the Green on the right.

Brockham green Royal Oak and Inn on the Green

Through the village, and a narrow bridge leads to Kiln Road which in turn takes you to Betchworth. This was where most of the big houses were built, that some of the people of Brockham worked in.

betchworth house and church
Betchworth House and church
Close by is Wonham Manor, again shielded from the road. The herd of deer is visible through the fence.

deer Wonham Manor

Then to finish this post; another pic of the bike. Not exactly snow capped Alps in the background I know. But you have to work with what you have. 

Brockham park.
Brockham park
Fresh water comes to Brockham.

On Saturday I finished off the last of my birthday cake before I went for a ride. I absolutely flew round.

birthday cake