Sunday 24 February 2019

A blast from the past.

bike leaning against a gate

What a weekend, it was great to be out.

Yesterday was warmer at first than today, but as we neared the bus stop visibility was so poor it was dangerous to be on the road.

This morning was frosty and I regretted having a very short haircut on Saturday. But it was bright blue skies.

It was also really good to be with Matt for both days, it makes such a difference.

I was looking through old pictures, everyone says this weekend was warm compared to years gone by.

They are right.
bike in the snow 2010
This one from 2010

bike in the snow 2013
And not so extreme from 2013
Our destination was Godstone green. It's such a pleasant place to sit in the sunshine next to the pond. Being out of direct sunlight as we descended into the valley was cold though. The climb out was no problem, a steep hill will always warm you up.

I also realise many of my pictures only show my bike, sorry Matt. I will do better from now on.

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