Saturday 31 August 2019

Deeper into Kent than normal

oast house kent

I don't normally cycle very far past Westerham, there isn't the time. But today I had some of that precious commodity. It was to be a lone ride, so I set my sights on Fordcombe. It looked like a good distance, just under 48 miles. And I'm due to cycle with some mates next weekend to the Chafford Arms in the village. I wasn't sure of the route, how hilly it was and if it was quiet or busy roads. It was good to reccy it and report back.

Sorry Matt and Richard, there are a few hills, one or two particularly challenging.

Although it didn't seem as bad as the Cyclemeter graph below.

The weather was perfect, not too hot with little wind so I kept up a reasonable pace. The bike has drop handlebars, but I rarely get in to the low drag position. It isn't particularly comfortable and the bumps threaten to loosen my grip. It does make a big difference, but I'm not racing anyone so I mostly stick to the top tube.

fordcombe kent

I arrived earlier than I had expected, so the pub was closed. Leaving later and being on mountain bikes next weekend should mean it will be open. It'll be great to catch up over a pint and some food.

I can guess at the meaning of the village name, a ford across a river in a valley, looking at the graph above it is in a valley. But has a steep climb to enter it, well away from any river. The pub gets good reviews so I'm looking forward to visiting it.

With not much to do, I ate a cereal bar, took some pics and headed home.

I'm starting to rack up the miles on the road bike; it was okay for most of the journey. Every bike I have owned seems to fit, until a longer distance is attempted. It's always the same, thirty nine miles all is well, but as forty rolls past. Thighs, knees and my back all cry enough. Fortunately it was a simple fix; move the seat forward and tilt the front up a bit more. Pedaling and pushing yourself back onto the seat takes its toll, hopefully it's sorted and I can enjoy the longer rides again.

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