Sunday 31 March 2019



After the mood enhancing ride yesterday, today was a come down. I awoke in a low mood not helped by the sound of rain against the window, checking the phone and seeing a text from Matt saying he couldn't make it today. I think the clocks going forward and robbing me of an hours sleep didn't help.

So what to do? Go back to bed, or go out? In the end I did both; an hour later I was out on the bike.

Cycling normally improves my mood, but not this time. Lots of family stuff going on and it was colder and windier than Saturday, finally I was cycling alone. I went through the motions and returned home.

I saw the daffodil alone and growing away for the path, where you wouldn't expect it.

I thought it summed up my mood.

Looking at it again, I guess you could put a positive spin on it. The daffodil grew and made the best of it's situation. I don't know if it was made stronger by the experience, or if it can be used as inspiration, being a flower. But I feel a little better for the thought.

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