Wednesday 1 March 2017

Dream Job

 I'll be working with Marilyn again on the collaboration for the online clothes retailer.

I have posted a lot on the subject of being a full time photographer. I mentioned the different fields and my thoughts on how difficult it would be to break into them, the risks and my unwillingness to take those risks at the moment.

Then whilst out cycling with my NVL co-member I mentioned that a picture I tweeted of a bottle of Red Stripe beer I had been drinking whilst in Jamaica had got a reaction from the brewers. They only said great picture. But it was enough for Matt to say, "expect a message from them offering an all expenses paid trip to Jamaica. A tour of the brewery and a job offer to become their official photographer." I have already mentioned an unlikely job opportunity in my last post. That of a portrait photographer commissioned to travel with a wealthy family to photograph their holiday. The Red Stripe fantasy is much the same. I would spend time visiting the places in the Caribbean where Red Stripe is sold. Producing their promotional material. What a great life that would be. Combined with the family portrait travels.

How often do those types of opportunities come up?

I guess I'm waiting for that big break, or that one situation that will take my photography to the next level. If I keep moving forward, creating my own luck you could say. Then it's only a matter of time before it pays off.

I am in the early stages of a collaboration that could be the step up I'm looking for. It's with an online clothes retailer. They aren't very big at the moment. But that could change. They have been let down in the past by photographers and models. At first it won't be paid. I know what you're thinking. But this could be that chance. We have discussed models, locations, themes and clothing. So fingers crossed. Stay tuned for more news. 

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