Thursday 26 December 2019

Christmas cycling

Christmas arrived much quicker than expected. Every year it creeps up on me. 

Not exactly the Norwegian tree in Trafalgar Square
Last Saturday was a total lose, strong wind and heavy rain. I have been defiant of the weather this year, rain hasn't forced me to abandon many rides. This time I just couldn't face it. As I typed the abort text to Matt, I was interrupted by the arrival of his.

I went for a walk to my local bike shop, Ross Cycles. He'd also passed on a morning ride; it was an off road route. I can't imagine how muddy it would have been. Or maybe I can; two mates and myself rode the South Downs Way many years ago.

The first day was torture, thick mud all the way, several times we were forced to push our bikes. At one point so much had built up on the wheels they beary turned, I'm sure the bikes had doubled in weight. I don't know how the gears still worked.

Last Sunday I did get out; I waited until the rain had stopped so it was a solo ride. I didn't have much time so it was all close to home.

Back to work Monday and Tuesday, and a ride first thing Christmas day before dinner with the  family.

black and white leaning against a fence

I went to Smallfields, a village on my route to Brighton. I was surprised to see so many other people out running and riding. Two runners, and five cyclists.

Today was another solo ride, Matt have family stuff to do.

bright shop window interior design studio
Not cycling related, but a bright beacon on a very grey day.
The weather forecast was for rain all day, but it was just overcast and grey when I woke up. So off to Westerham I went, it's not so hilly as the road to Smallfield, my route yesterday. I had a strong headwind most of the way, which help when it was time to go home. And the rain stayed away, until I left Westerham.

I cycled passed the shopfront above, but turned and stopped for a photograph. This time of year can be very dull, the very expensive chandeliers really stand out.

Foolhardy count; two runners, no cyclists.

I'll have to wait until next weekend for the promised and much anticipated cake.

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