Saturday 20 October 2018

There's nothing else to compare

As I got ready to go cycling this morning the radio started playing Can't take my eyes off you by Andy Williams. Marcia, my wife, knew what was coming; I turned to her and started singing. And as I had hoped, she started laughing, shook her head and covered her ears. I'm not a good singer so I can't blame her. This always makes me happy, so riding on my own with a chilly start didn't seem so bad.

Even better, as I walked downstairs I blasted out the chorus and I could hear Marcia laughing again.

Then when I got on my bike it was brilliant, I was in a very good mood.

I stopped to take a picture, even the sun rays were pointing in my direction.

sun rays across the road early morning

Then at the bottom of a hill near home I saw how nature tries hard to overcome adversity.

sunflower at the side of the road

I'm guessing no-one planted the sunflowers, they survived all by themselves.

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