Monday 3 August 2020

Good to be back

I hope this will be one of the last posts to include reference to lockdown. I went back to work, albeit from home, and photo studios could open for shoots.

Here was that shoot. Four month later I returned to the same place; this time with Saskia and Janice. I have worked with them many times, always producing great results. The last time was way back in 2019.

The session was to catch up and work on some ideas. I wanted to produce a black and white set, Saskia and Janice had some outfit combo's to test.

Then with some attitude.


And now for some colour. This set was at the beginning of the session; Saskia nailing it from the start.

Then a bold print.

And finally a casual set.

It's brilliant what you can achieve in a short time with a good team.