Friday 28 December 2018

2018, looking forward to 2019

Where did 2018 go? I think I wonder at the speed the past year has gone every year. And I look back too.

My photography has included a wedding, more great shoots with Xandria and her mum in September and December

A project to shoot pictures for a clothing designer is in the early planning stages. Location scouting and model choice is happening now. The shoot isn't likely until Feb or March, so watch this space.

My personal projects had more focus. This will be my goal for next year. I want to continue to learn, but I also want to produce more eye catching pictures. The shoot with Natasha had that. Next year I want to be more creative, produce images that insist on a second look.

model in a studio chaise lounge

I worked with two male models, I plan to work with more next year.

Do I work again with models I know or with new ones? My confidence has improved a lot this year, Natasha said as much during our first shoot. I'm not so anxious as the shoot gets closer. Meeting new people regularly has helped me to quickly become comfortable. I think I'll try to do both.

I hope to work with Xandria and her mum again. They both have good ideas and goals they want to achieve. I enjoy the challenge of delivering them. I hope to work with Janayah again.


Whilst I didn't lead it I did organise a group studio shoot for the Caterham Photography Society. It was a good experience and I was able to pass on some of what I had learned. Maybe if I plan another one it will be more of a teaching shoot with more structure.

Marilyn studio caterham photography society


I also want to photograph other subjects. 

I use to shoot a lot of motorsport, both on my own and at track-day events. Lydden Hill and Canada Heights aren't far from me. Both great locations if you don't have a press pass.

I have had a couple of food photography sessions, whilst I thought they looked okay at the time. Now I can see they needed work.

Landscape is isn't something I have explored. The most recent time I really focused was in March at the first meeting of the Caterham Photography Society. Although I did take a couple of portraits during the walk.

lake district view

Many years ago I was in the Lake District on holiday. 


There is also my cycling. I have covered more miles this year, and set some goals for 2019. I want to improve my speed to Canterbury and up Waller Lane.

Looking at my recent pictures and older ones; I have improved but it is harder to keep being original. We cycle to the same places, they have been photographed from every angle. So it will be visit more places and start thinking of different ways to keep the old places fresh.


I don't do new years resolutions. It wasn't my intent for this post to list some possibilities that's for sure.

I guess I'll have to see what 2019 brings.

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