Saturday 22 September 2018

The big buzz

cycling big buzz funfair
I get a buzz from cycling, overcoming the challenges of steep hills is part of it.
Unfortunately it was a solo ride this morning, and as is usual when this happens, I couldn't decide if I wanted to go. Much easier to stay in bed a little longer. But get up I did; so now I had to think where to go, and on which bike. Yes dear reader, I have a road and mountain bike. I knew I didn't fancy off road but that didn't rule out the MTB, the poor state of local roads means it more comfortable than the light but stiff road bike. Oxted was to be my destination; along a route Matt and I have, I think only done once. The reason is a steep hill. I didn't remember it exactly but I knew it was one of the steepest we had climbed. As I descended it became clear that it was steeper and longer than I remembered. No stopping now though, Oxted was beckoning. I kept the speed down, it was narrow and twisting. I'm no adrenaline junky, it hurts too much if I fall off.

cycling speed dodgems funfair
I rarely attain super speed
The pics on this post are of a funfair I passed on Oxted green. They look a little like they are sleeping without the lights and the noise, resting before the next night of excitement.

The problem with going down a hill is that you have to come go back up. As I left the green on my way home the sign at the bottom of the hill said 20%. This is definitely the steepest I have climbed. This is where the extra gears of the MTB make the climb easier. I think I may have struggled on the road bike.

What I do find weird about the steepness signs is that they don't always seem right. I am sure other hills are similar to this one, but their percentages aren't as high. Maybe they should rate the climb and use a face that gets redder the worse the hill is. This would not only take into account how steep, but how long the climb is. Also if there were flatter bits where you could get your breath back the rating would be less severe.

Here is the cyclemeter log of the ride.

Not the longest ride, but a hilly one.

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