Saturday 15 June 2019

So much noise

bikes against benches

Watching or listening to the news is hard work. Everyone has an opinion to defend. If others don't share that view, name calling and shouting ensues. It's much easier to label a person than it is to listen to them. The more extreme a label the better.

Social or should that be anti-social media is the same. Most contributors being polorised and closed minded.

On the street, there are selfish, inconsiderate people living without a thought for others. They drive too fast, cycle on the pavement, etc. Always defending what they do, whilst criticising others.

I cycle to unwind, but lately it hasn't worked. Too often other road users spoil it. Just a small pause to allow them to pass me safely is all that's needed. Today on a narrow lane two cars stopped at a passing point to allow Matt and myself to pass. It was so easy for them to do, I waved a thank you. Then a few yards further a Range Rover turned on to the lane. He could have stopped where the road was wide, but he didn't; instead he accelerated towards me.

What's the solution?

I don't know; Matt and I often talk about how angry everyone is. But I think it's more than that. It seems acceptable now to be closed minded, and to believe your's is the only opinion. Our society is more accepting of everyone, which is good, but somehow we have gone too far. Everyone is right, everyone must come first.

There has to be compromise. Few can take criticism or being questioned. This just leads to a less fair and just place to live.

I try not to get angry; it's too exhausting. And mostly pointless.

Words said in anger are often regretted.

I guess I'll put on headphones and listen to music this afternoon. It's one way to drown out the noise.

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