Wednesday 31 August 2016

Farm house shoot

Deciding to take advantage of the good August weather I organised a shoot with a model I hadn't work with before, but had wanted to. And what looked like an interesting location. A farm house in Essex.

In truth there wasn't the number of interesting buildings I had hoped for. But there was enough variety and Stephanie was great, very easy to get on with, and she knew the style of pictures I was after.

I planed a relaxed boho style shoot. Some of the pictures do have that, looking into the distance, or in deep thought look. But hopefully it's not over done and still natural looking. Why not leave a comment with your thoughts.

We started in the barn. It had overhead fluorescent lighting. But I don't think the different colour temp compared to the speedlight I used as a main light is apparent. I think it might had added a little more warmth to the background. The straw is an interesting material, I played around with the position of the light so I didn't get any hot spots, and the shadows were in the right place.

The lighting had to look natural, as if it was streaming in through the barn door. And pick up Stephanie's features. She has great cheekbones that I wanted to show.

The next location was the steps up to a treehouse. The area was in the shade. A good thing because the sun was still high in the sky with little cloud cover to diffuse it. We experimented with sitting and standing poses. I moved the light to see where it was at it's most natural looking.

Again I couldn't have asked for a better set of pictures. It just flowed with both of us chatting and making suggestions about posing and positioning.

Maybe we could have shot in the treehouse, but I didn't know how secure it was. And I would have needed a way to be at the same level, but some distance for it. This would have needed more pre planning and preparation. Not really possible with a location so far from home. I normally like to visit a place first. Have a plan of the interesting areas.

The last area that yielded more great shots was the farmhouse's front door. It was shielded from direct sunlight, the red walls contrasted with Stephanie's clothing and the weather beaten door just finished the look off perfectly.

A very productive two hours. I came away with pictures I really like, more ideas about posing and lighting. And someone I hope to work with again.

I think also a style that can be seen through all my shoots. Please let me know what you think.

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