Thursday 12 April 2018

Nikon D810, part one.

I don't really do gear reviews. I just write about what I have been doing in regards to my photography and cycling. But I have been approached to do a couple of weddings this year. My Nikon D700 is still considered a worthy and useful camera. It is certainly brilliant for what I do. But it would be good to have two bodies. For a back up and to allow me to use two lenses without having to swap them over. My first use of the D700 was the studio shoot with Anna at the beginning of the year. I saw a definite change to the pictures. It is hard to put my finger on what exactly is better. But I am glad upgraded.

But it is a 2008 camera and technology has moved on. The D810 was released in 2014. I know there is now the D850. but this is way out of my reach, the D810 will start to reduce in price second hand. The truth is I don't upgrade without a lot of thought. I broke my D70 so I replaced it with the D90. When the D700 came within reach I knew it was time to go full frame. The next step will be because I need the extras a newer camera can provide.

The big increase in resolution isn't really a consideration for me, it's the quiet shutter and better low light focusing that interests me. Less of a distraction during a wedding ceremony and more accurate focusing at the reception in the evening.

I am intrigued to see what the lack of low pass filter will produce. Will it be the step up in sharpness I am hoping for?

The reviews say to get the best from the camera you should use the best lenses. Mine are getting on a bit, but were considered pro or semi pro quality in their day. And I have used them a lot on the D700 so will aid my comparison.

I decided to hire a D810 for the end of the month, I have two shoots organised. The first with Janayah and then with Rosie.

It will be a good opportunity to familiarise myself with the camera before the pressure of shooting a wedding. I'll be stressed enough without worrying about how to use the camera.

I'll write blogs for them, with my impressions and thoughts. I know you will have already seen many reviews about the D810. But I think it will allow me to gather my thoughts, and prepare for the weddings.

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