Monday 22 April 2019

Easter weekend

The long Easter weekend could not have started better for cycling. Matt and I decided to meet a little later on Friday. But the weather was so good I left around the usual time and took a longer route to the green. I wanted to take the picture shown above.

The last time I cycled this way the pond was covered in snow and ice. 

Much nicer now.

Matt arrived at the green and it was off to the church yard the long way. It is harder going the long way, more hills. But it avoids the Clarks Lane and the Limpsfield Road. Both fast roads they are  where nearly all the close passses happen. They are recorded and reported, but I have yet to know of any action being taken. Or see the situation improving.

When it is sunny and dry the church yard is our default destination, you can hear the nearby road but it is muted. It is a peaceful place to have a morning cup of tea.

Saturday I had a long drive to do, which meant Sunday was off. I'm getting too old to drive 500 miles in a day and not feel it afterwards.

both bikes at the churchyard

Monday was close to an abort. A very late night meant I intended to abort. But the weather was so good I wasn't tired. I met Matt at the green, and we headed off to the churchyard again. Peaceful and restful; we discussed staying for the day. Back home there is grass to cut, shopping to do and diner to cook. So after finishing the tea we headed off.

Only four days and we can do it again.

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