Sunday 24 April 2022

On my bike again

riding the trainer

I'm moving forward again. Previous highlights were having the stitches removed. Then the all-clear to put a bit of weight on my leg and start physio. Now I've ridden for a couple of times, albeit in the garage.

I knew I'd lost a bit of strength and fitness, but I wasn't prepared for how much.

The good news is that it didn't hurt to get on the trainer. It hurt to bend forward to the bars.

I started on the lowest resistance, warmed up and cranked it up a bit. My heart rate climbed quickly and my leg muscles started to complain

During the next forty-five minutes I turned the dial up and down, to see what I was capable of. Torn between pushing myself and not wanting to do any damage.

I've been doing half an hour after work during the week, and two sessions each day of the weekend.

Things are improving: leg strength, fitness and the hip pain.

I will soon be riding with Matt and Oxted CC again. It is dependant on the next hospital appointment at the end of May.



My enforced break from cycling has been tough. I've been watching even more youtube videos chronically other people's cycling adventures and challenges. The last one was about two childhood friends completing the Great Divide (GD) route, North to South across America. From the Canadian to the Mexican borders.

It reminded me of the two multi day rides with Richard and Matthew. Although London to Paris and the South Downs Way are a long way short of the 2400 miles they rode. The shared memories mean a lot to me.

Then there are the rides with Matt and Oxted CC. A few hours when we are just in the moment and other stuff takes a back seat.

I have mentioned this years ride to Cornwall - sponsorship link at the top of the page. And my plans for next year and beyond.

I have some questions.

Do I invite others? 

Does anyone want to join me?

How will having companions affect the trip?

The first question is partially dependant on the second.

The third has two answers. The trip will be improved and made more complicated. Arranging more people's calendars' can be tricky.

It also depends what bikes other people have. The terrain has to be suitable and accessible. Daily distances need to be achievable for eveyone.

If it's just me, I can go when, where and as far as I want. Very simple.

Am I antisocial to want to be alone sometimes?

If anyone does wants to join me for a mult-day ride next year; what do I have planned?

I will ride my mountain bike to Bristol over two days, stay overnight. Then take the same amount of time to do this route created by Will Cycle. Returning home the same way. Why the MTB you may ask. The Will Cycle loop is a mix of cycle ways, green lanes, gravel and road. He says a road bike could do it, but I have a bike more suitable. The ride to Bristol will be on the road , 65 miles a day is okay on a MTB.

I would like also like to do a WW1 inspired ride in France. It's partly the reason for me learning French. But that may be for another year.