Sunday 31 March 2024

Cornwall views

gwr train paddington

Another holiday completed by train. I went to say with my sister in Cornwall. A fairly early start was needed to make the 09:31 express from Paddington. When you take into account how long it would be to drive, the train time is comparable at about six hours. But it emits ten times less CO2, and is much less stressful.

A potential problem was my destination; Bodmin Parkway, being around 4.5 miles away from the town. There is the number 11 bus, a taxi or being picked up by my sister. The last one obviously only an option for me.

Once that was dealt with the week was great.

I went for a walk the morning after my arrival, I didn't bring my bike but intended to run instead during my time away.

I hadn't appreciated how hilly it was. So it was with more than a little trepidation that I set off after lunch to retrace my earlier steps in my running gear.

The first landmark was Lantaglos Church.

Lantaglos Church

After a steep descent a moss covered bridge took me over a valley stream.

stream view

A testing climb and then long plunge into another valley; home to the church required another stone bridge.

a stone bridge

Yet another incline lead away from this magnolia tree in the churchyard towards home.

magnolia tree in the church grounds
magnolia tree in the churchyard

We went out almost everyday. Even if it was just to a cafe.

I've been through Tintagel a few times but never stopped. A new bridge to the island was completed a few years ago so it seemed a good reason to visit the castle.

tintagel bridge

tintagel castle island bridge
tintagel castle island bridge

There is a hotel of the same name close by.

tintagel castle hotel
tintagel castle hotel

A few observations.

It is in my opinion over priced. An adult ticket is £18. As we passed the ticket booth/gift shop we were instructed to enter by a guide. I initially thought admission from the top of the path was chargeable; it's not. You only need to pay to cross the bridge. With a combined cost of £36 we had no intention of doing so. We walked down into the valley and had a look around, which was more than enough. A consideration for anyone who isn't reasonably mobile; the path is very steep, you may want to consider the Land Rover taxi service to get to the bottom and back. There doesn't seem to be any consideration of wheelchair user; If you can't get in and out of the taxi you won't be able to use it.

path next to stream

tintagel island

tintagel island viewed from coastal path
tintagel island viewed from coastal path

Another location we went to was Widemouth Bay.

widemouth bay

widemouth bay

GCHQ Bude in the distance.


There were multiple routes I ran during my stay. 

After reaching Delabole I turned for home. There are many wind turbines in the area.

wind turbines delabole

With spring growth in full swing there was much positivity to be had.

spring flowers

We also visited a World War Two airfield at Davidstow.

davidstow airfield

There are many buildings but all have been vandalised and neglected.

The weather wasn't always in our favour but it didn't stop us getting out. We talked almost nonstop and I was relaxed and rested.

It was good to spend quality time with my sister, and I know she felt the same.

But all to quickly it was time to head for home. And catch my train from the out of town Bodmin Parkway.

Bodmin Parkway signal box cafe
signal box cafe