Sunday 15 April 2018

Looks like spring is finally here for good

spring cycle photography

Two weekends in a row it hasn't been cold, rain wasn't threatened, and I took on White Lane Hill. All is right with the world. Except it's not, Matt has been under the weather so I was on my own. I got out on the road bike, as discussed before it is faster but not as comfortable. And the higher gearing makes the steeper hills a real challenge.

But back to cycling alone; I like it, sometimes. But I miss the chance for a chat and a laugh so wouldn't want to do it often. A shared experience means it can be reminisced about. They are what friendships are made of.

When I first started cycling as an adult about eleven years ago, maybe a lot longer. I wouldn't have kept at it if it wasn't for Matt. There just wouldn't have been the motivation.

And because of that;

I have cycled to Paris and completed the South Downs Way.

I have raised a lot of money for the therapy centre my wife goes to.

I have got a lot fitter.

I can cope with stress better, most of the time.

I have completed two RideLondon 100 mile rides.

Learnt that I am capable of more than I thought.

But most of all I look forward to having a laugh, a chat and a cup of tea where ever we end up.

If you don't cycle, get some friends together and get out there. Apart from the occasional soaking, there isn't a downside.

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