Saturday 3 September 2016

Changing season

Autumn is here. It doesn't seem like summer was around for very long.

As I left the house I noticed an extra chill in the air. One that started to numb my fingers as the speed built up on the first decent. It's still t-shirt and shorts weather though. But for how much longer?

I was cycling on my own this morning. So I chose somewhere I hadn't visited for a while. Godstone Green.

I took the pictures above and sat chilling out. The ride there only has one major climb. The ride home was much harder. Shortly after leaving Godstone there is a long hard climb. The ride back to Woldingham after this climb is a rolling lane through the woods. After that it's a bit more urban to Whyteleafe. One more hard climb up Burntwood Lane and I'm nearly home. Just under 16 miles. Not a big distance but I'm home in time to start a busy day.

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