Sunday 22 December 2019

initial abort

Yesterday morning, in fact most of the day, the weather was horrendous. Matt beat me to sending the abort text. I didn't mind not going out. I did miss cycling, but it wasn't worth the soaking, freezing conditions.

Today I awoke to similar weather and wasn't surprised to receive another abort text. But I was restless, the weather app said it would stop around eight, so I got up and dressed ready for a ride. I knew if I went out late it would have to a local one. And with the threat of rain, I could get home quickly.

As it turned out, it was a great but lonely ride. On my own there was no reason to stop, just out to Bletchingley after a loop of Happy valley. Eighteen miles wasn't bad considering I was never far from home.

The rain we have been getting wasn't as bad as some have had to endure, but the road flooding is worse than I remember in previous years.

Even going through them at the center of the road results in wet trainers. I wrapped my thermal socked feet in cling film. It seemed to work, I felt the cold water but quickly recovered.

It's worse when a car is coming the other way, if they don't stop I have to use the side of the road. The water is deeper and the bow wave they produce ensures I get even wetter.

Too big to coast through, pedaling gave me wet feet. 

There are some considerate drivers. Stopping to allow me take the crown of the road. Avoiding a worse soaking.

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