Sunday 13 March 2022

A change of plan

gps tracker watching the dot

A change in circumstance - my bike crash - has meant a rethink about my June challenge. I potentially face another couple of months off the bike, hopefully it will be less. I was confident I could ride 250 miles in a day. Now I think it's maybe 50/50. It depends on getting the all clear from the hospital to start walking and riding. Then building strength and fitness in time. Will the hills be too much for my hip? 

I decided to break the journey at Stawell, a distance of 150 miles leaving a little over 90 the next day. This second section of the ride is the hilliest, I'll have more time to climb them.

It does mean less time with my sister, I know she'll understand.

The family were a little rattled by recent events, so I'll be carrying a tracker, with an emergency button.  I can send them a link so they can follow my progress and it will call for help should anything happen.

I may do the same for the long rides I have planned in the coming years. 

I hope my present and future sponsors don't mind the slightly less epic single day distance.


Recovery update.

I am in less pain and the swelling is much reduced, but the bruising is now blooming. 
It's like Andy and his technicolour dream leg.