Saturday 30 April 2016

What next?

I had steadily improved and gained more confidence; but where now?

I decided I wanted to try portrait photography. I have talked about this is a previous post. Family and friends. I wanted to push forward and gain as much experience as possible. I booked a portrait photography course. It was a good introduction to photographing people I hadn't meet before. How to quickly break the ice and have both sides of the camera relax. I'm sure Jade was way more relaxed than I was.

Here a few of my favourites from the two days.

Those two days convinced me I liked portrait photography, But I needed more experience. Different people, locations and styles, so I started to hire models. I mentioned this in my First Post.

The next few shoots were home based. This meant limited room and having to check the backgrounds for distractions. There is nothing more annoying than getting home, and realising you missed something that could easily have been cleared away at the time.

I was using speedlights, okay for smallish rooms but they take some time to recycle and if you do fire off too many shots in quick succession they overheat.

Some of my most liked pictures from the early days are:





Check the blog for more updates These early shoots were in houses. I'll post my first studio shoots and my thoughts on them later.

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