Saturday 4 May 2019

Headwinds and potholes

road bike leant against a wall chevening

What is it about headwinds? I nearly always face into them. It seems I could ride in a circle and feel their effect for the whole circuit. How is that possible?

There are other gripes about cycling: potholes and poor road surfaces in general. It's one of the reasons I rarely take out the road bike. Constant jarring and always being alert for potholes is very tiring.

A particularly bad section on my route today eventually had the camera swivel on it's mount.

Another section was the complete opposite. I turned off the main road onto Pilgrims Way and cycling nirvana; trees shielded me from the wind and fresh smooth tarmac was under my wheels. It didn't last very long but it was brilliant, and so relaxing.

Even when it appears smooth, it can be rough going.

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